BTCMEX Derivatives Exchange Launches a Profitable Affiliate Program and $120 Trading Bonus

Bitcoin Press Release: BITMEX Exchange Derivatives offers a $120 trade bonus and the most profitable Industry affiliate program for all uses.

January 21, 2020, Hong Kong - BTCMEX is a new cryptocurrency derivative exchange intended to provide opportunities for everyone. The platform began operations at the end of 2019 and already has more than 50 million USD daily trading volume, now offers a Trade Bonus of $120, and the most profitable partnership program in the industry.

The exchange was founded by one of the world's best known crypto investors, and the biggest Bitcoin adopter in China, Li Xiaolai, who made many crypto and blockchain projects that were classified as successful including Steemit and BigOne exchanges. BTCMEX is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices around the world. The company is also run by great people, trust and innovation, and values ​​that guide the team to create fair and transparent exchanges for prospective traders and professional traders.

Opportunities for Everyone

Among the most distinctive features of this exchange are its low cost, flexibility, 24/7 customer support in extension, and 100% trading uptime with Hot Fix and its Off-site backup system. This platform is free from excess thanks to 100,000 TPS per trade pair, and offers 10x the industry average speed with 1 ms latency. All user assets are secure in Multi-Signature Cold Wallet - the top security measure in the industry. The exchange security system is specially developed and approved by a team of international experts.

To make Bitcoin trading easily accessible to professional traders and newcomers in the crypto room, BTCMEX established an educational or educational platform developed by experienced Forex and crypto traders. The team also carries a complete user guide and BTCMEX Trading Codex - the most accurate definition of cryptocurrency trading terms.

The platform is experiencing strong growth on Twitter and recently opened a Forum on their website, which operates in 4 languages ​​and will add 4 more languages ​​next February.

Trading Bonus

BTCMEX offers a Trading Bonus of up to $ 120 for all new users. Can be claimed without KYC in less than 30 seconds. First is the $ 10 Ignition Trading Bonus given to registered users who follow and retweet @btcmexglobal. The initial deposit or a minimum deposit of 0.1 BTC will be given a Booster Bonus of $ 50. And finally, a nitro bonus of $ 60 for a total deposit of at least 0.3 BTC.

Affiliate Program

BTCMEX offers the most attractive Affiliate Programs in the industry. With this affiliate program we can get up to 60% commission, including Maker Fees payment. Indirect traffic or indirect traffic from sub-affiliates can provide an additional commission of 20%.

All affiliates get 24/7 personal account management, fully customizable marketing materials, and data reports. This exchange has a detailed and transparent Affiliate Platform. This platform supports real-time reports and commission withdrawals every day. This opportunity is ideal for existing and potential crypto influencers.

Ambitious Future

One of the most innovative projects of the BTCMEX team is the development of an AI-enabled price prediction system that helps improve trading strategies.

BTCMEX aims to bring financial sector standards to the crypto world by providing innovative solutions, cutting edge security, a far better trading experience, and client-focused development. Their aim is to raise awareness of cryptocurrency and foster digital trust to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto.

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