Libra Facebook Prepares a New 2.0 Roadmap for the 2020 Launch

Despite the regulations, the developers of the Libra Facebook project are moving forward. Recently, the Libra team released the Roadmap provided, with points prepared for mainnet approval.

Libra Facebook, which still doesn't have a hard and fast date for the truth, continues to build its community. A recent blog post by project developers who are still operating, and has been approved by members of the Libra Association.

The new roadmap completes the work of launching mainnet, gathering criteria for approval, and educating the public about agreeing on projects. On the blog, the development team stated:

We have completed relevant design work and have gone through a complete and bottom-up time plan for all features. We are now working on the full set of protocol architecture documents and finalizing our external API with community input. Going forward, we are starting the work needed for people who want to attract Libra projects.

Libra Testnet already runs the Testnet validator node, while tests are being carried out on consensus and potential weaknesses. The development team also works to create a validator node for non-technical members, who can recruit an outside team to support their node.

While the process continues, more members can be invited to the Libra Association. The collection of validators must make a significant contribution to becoming a block producer.

A list of valid validators will not be owned, although the vast Libra Association is mostly a member who is also a payment provider, including PayPal, and MasterCard.

The long-term vision for Libra is the ability to take new members, and increase the node validator scale to 100. Upgrading the node validator is a skill that can support, and more validators must be interested in the consortium. This project will be designed to unite the validator community in the future.

On the non-technical side, the launch of Facebook cryptocurency still depends on wallet compliance and backup handling to support stablecoin. The regulatory hurdle might be a major barrier before launching Libra, which also prevented coins from being built early in 2020.

But regardless of the work of the developers, Libra might take a better part of 2020 to approach the launch. The criteria for the Roadmap are still in flux, and must be completed by June 2020, when Libra will once again face a regulator.

Patrick Ellis, a board member of the Libra Association, said there were no clear plans for the launch. He said:

"At this stage, there is no set strategy for the market or product, or how it will actually be launched."

But Ellis believes the project will be launched at the end of the year, as is the statement from co-founder David Marcus.

Will Libra interfere with the price of Bitcoin? Can this coin be used in all countries? If so, then we no longer need fiat money to transact.

How do you see?