US Citizens Are Prohibited From Attending the 2020 Crypto Conference in North Korea

Reporting from AltcoinBuzz, the 2019 North Korea blockchain conference attended by 80 organizations can be called successful. But that does not mean that the 2020 conference will be like that. Main Korea plans to hold the next conference between February 22-29, 2020. US sanctions experts warn people not to attend.

The arrest of Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith will be considered by many as a serious warning. Griffith attended the first crypto conference in North Korea in 2019 and was later arrested, partly for inviting US citizens to attend the 2020 crypto conference in North Korea.

According to Reuters, the UN Security Council will hold a meeting at the end of this month. The meeting will discuss specifically about the use of crypto currencies for the avoidance of sanctions. Therefore, US representatives are worried. They believe the expertise will help North Korea to improve its nuclear and ballistic missile program. The latter is a violation of the 2006 sanctions in the United States.

In addition, they recently received a tip about certain sophisticated cyber attacks. According to independent experts, North Korea collected $2 billion in August last year. All funds were stolen from cyber attacks on banks and crypto exchanges.

According to AltcoinBuzz, the kripti conference held in North Korea in 2019 is also very closed. South Koreans, Japanese, Israelis and journalists are prohibited from participating in the event.

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith attended the conference held in April 2019. According to reports, he encouraged Americans to attend the 2020 conference. That led to his arrest. Griffith was given a guarantee last week for $1 million in bonds. However, he faces 20 years in prison.

However, Griffith's arrest did not affect Pyongyang, who continues to distribute promotional material to welcome Americans who will attend the conference in North Korea. In addition, in the FAQ section of the conference's official website, it is stated that Americans can utilize exclusive immigration procedures. As such, they will receive separate paper visas and not passport-based visas. This means that their presence in North Korea will remain hidden.